Our business and personal values form the very core of our business. These values can be seen in every aspect of Jacobson Solutions and seen, practiced and upheld constantly by all members of our team.


Integrity — Consistency in word and deed. Saying and doing what is right — legally and ethically.


Transparency — All of our actions will and must be transparent because trust and honesty are our lasting assets, our reputation.


Professionalism — The demonstration of the highest quality standards through disciplined adherence to our business principles, our ethical values and our standards. This is further enforced by our adherence to the Association of Productivity Specialists “code of ethics.”


Collaboration — We accept that improvement of any situation is always possible. We improve by working together jointly and mutually to encourage and develop new ideas, concepts and philosophies which bring about this improvement.


Loyalty — There is a total trust among all stakeholders. This assumes all will be acting in a manner faithful to one another and to the mission all are involved in.


Leadership and Teamwork — Motivating groups through a vision that inspires clear and compelling goals. These goals include the key indicators of the project and will need to be perpetuated by all stakeholders working together as leaders and as a unified and united team.