The Team

The team at Jacobson Solutions is led by Bob Jacobson.  Bob has been intimately involved in the implementation of productivity and profitability improvement solutions for more than 40 years.


Bob directs a team that works hand in hand with your team to insure that custom solutions are implemented to address the unique needs of your organization – no cookie-cutter formulas are used.  We work directly with your people to develop solutions that will bring about the guaranteed improvements and help perpetuate them. These are not short-term solutions – these are long-term improvements embedded into your organizations and into your culture.


Using programs such as:

– Productivity Improvement
– Supply Chain Management
– Executive Coaching & Mentoring
– Training


With more than four decades of experience, we have produced results across all types of industries.  We encourage you to review the references that Bob and his team have worked with.


Industries we have worked in include but are not limited to:

Catering Insurance Construction
Logistics and Supply Chain Distribution and Warehousing Manufacturing
Financial Services Mining Food Production
Packaging Healthcare Pharmaceuticals
Hospitality Retail Insurance
Software Transportation